It’s a Mystery to Me!

Many of you must be wondering why I haven’t posted about the crafts I am making at the moment.  Well, with Christmas around the corner and snoopers looking and wondering what they are going to get this year, it is not easy to keep gifts a secret.  So for me to post what I have made would be like showing an unwrapped gift and spoiling the surprise.  Sorry everyone.  You will just have to wait and see later.

What I can share are books I’ve been reading and craft books I’ve found interesting.  Since I’ve finished reading all of the available Leslie Meier books I’ve had to find a new author to hunker down with.  My two favorite sites for locating good reads are Stop, You’re killing me! and Cozy MysteryBoth are excellent sites for finding just the right mystery.

Being a Michigander born and breed I thought it would be nice to find a series written about someone from here.  I came across Deb Baker’s Yooper Series about a senor citizen sleuth from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

If you aren’t familiar with Michigan, the Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place to visit.  Woods, bears, and lakes abound.  So does the snow!  It is winter longer than many people prefer, but for skiers it is heaven.

Deb Baker was born in the UP.  Her writing style is light and fun.  When I started reading I laughed out loud and thought immediately of Janet Evanovich’s books – another author I love! 

I can’t wait to share about Deb’s Yooper Series.


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