On What Grounds

On What Grounds is author Cleo Coyle’s first book in her coffeehouse mystery series.  Set in New York, The Village Blend, a well established coffeehouse is owned by a wealthy older women and managed by Clare, her ex-daughter-in-law.  Her son (Clare’s ex-husband) is the coffee buyer who travels around the world looking for the finest coffee.

I learned more about coffee in this book than I ever wanted to from a cozy mystery.  It took me a while to get into the actual story because of all of the background information about coffee.  The author attempts to weave all the coffee facts into the story, but I felt all of the details on coffee over powered the actual story in the first half of the book.  I hope she doesn’t repeat all of this information in her other books.

In this book one of the employees is found unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.  The police can’t find any evidence to suggest it wasn’t anything more than an accident.  But the girl is a dancer, light on her feet, graceful, agile, something just doesn’t add up.  Clare doesn’t believe it was an accident and sets out to investigate on her own. 

I’ve reserved a few more books in this series from our library’s interloan system.  Hopefully they will come in soon.  This was an enjoyable read, but I can’t put on my favorites list.

2 Responses to “On What Grounds”

  1. Janet Says:

    This sounds interesting. I just finished Shades of Earl Grey, one of Laura Child’s Tea Shop Mysteries. Maybe I should switch to coffee next. 🙂

  2. klccreations Says:

    Hi Janet, I haven’t read any of Laura’s Tea Shop Mysteries. How was it? I’m a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker but I love new book ideas. Thanks.

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