Through the Grinder

I just finished the second book in Cleo Coyle’s Coffee House Mystery Series, Through the Grinder. In this book, the New York coffeehouse, Village Blend, is the best place around to get a great cup of coffee.  Clare Cosi, the manager of the coffeehouse, knows her customers or most of them.  When one of the coffeehouse regulars jumps to her death in the subway after stopping by the Village Blend for coffee, the customers can’t stop wondering why she would want to kill herself.  When more than one of Clare’s regular customers dies mysteriously from “suicide” and the man Clare met through a speed dating night held in her coffeehouse and just started dating is the main suspect, Clare is determined to prove his innocence.  She enlists the help of her ex-husband, Matteo who travels the world looking for the best coffee as a coffee broker.      

I enjoyed this book even more than the first.  It is a cozy mystery that even includes tips on making a good cup of coffee.


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