The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library

The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library, book three in Alice Kimberly’s Haunted Bookshop Mystery Series.  Penelope and her Aunt inherit a rare collection of Edgar Allen Poe’s complete works.  They plan to sell the collection of books, but it seems there is a mystery within books to be solved.  And then, people are dying to get the books.  Penelope, friends and her resident ghost Jack set out to solve both the mystery within the books and the deaths too.

A great cozy mystery I enjoyed reading.  I’m off to start book 4, The Ghost and the Femme Fatale.


Paw Print Fleece Pet Blanket

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and not much in the way of “creating”.  The other day I was thinking about all the animal hair on my throw blankets.  I love my animals, but I hate all the shedding!  I’ve made the dogs each a blanket for their beds, and they do appreciate them, but then so do the cats.  That’s when I decided I needed to make a couple more small blankets to lay on the bed and or couch to hopefully to keep the cats and dogs off mine! 

I had an opportunity to make a quick trip to JoAnn’s the other day and found a remnant of fleece that I knew would be perfect for my small project.  I snatched it up for only $1.55 w/tax!  What a deal for .583 yds.

Here is what I made.  I cut 8 – 10″ squares of  the print and 8 – 10″ squares of black fleece I had on hand.  I sewed them together making a 38″ square.  I then cut another piece of black fleece into a 38″ square.  With right sides together I stitched all around leaving an opening to turn.  After I clipped the corners and turned it right side out, I stitched it again about an 1″ in from the edge all the way around.  The finished blanket is a 36″ square. 

A nice quick project that was also inexpensive and well appreciated by my pets.  Happy sewing!

The Ghost and the Dead Deb

In author Alice Kimberly’s 2nd book in the haunted bookshop mysteries, The Ghost and the Dead Deb, Penelope is getting used to having her resident PI ghost interrupt her thoughts.  When Penelope holds a book signing  for an up and coming young author who writes an unfinished mystery about a debutante who was found strangled to death, she didn’t know the author would be found dead the exact same way.  Pen and Jack, her PI ghost are determined find the answers.

Another good book.  Read them in order if you can.  I’m off to start on the 3rd book in this series The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library.  Happy reading!

The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

After finishing all of Cleo Coyle’s coffeehouse mysteries, I decided to start on another series written by the same authors, but written under a different pen name.  Alice Alfonsi and her husband Marc Cerasini co-write both the coffeehouse mysteries as well as the haunted bookshop mysteries.  The haunted bookshop mysteries are written under the pen name Alice Kimberly.

The first book in the haunted bookshop mystery series is The Ghost and Mrs. McClure.  After the death of Mrs. Penelope McClure’s husband, Penelope decides to use his life insurance money to invest in reviving her elderly aunts bookstore.  Penelope and her 9-year-old son, Spenser, move in with her aunt Sadie in the apartment above the bookstore.  With fresh ideas, a little remodeling and the purchase of the adjoining building, Penelope and Sadie are hoping for the best. 

Along with the adjoining building, Penelope gets more than she bargained for, the resident ghost, PI Jack Shepard.  Jack died in the 1940’s in this building and for some unknown reason his spirit never left.  Maybe his spirit lingers on because the mystery of his death has never been solved. 

In this book Penelope invites a well-known best-selling author to speak in her bookstore.  When author, Timothy Brennan collapses and dies before his audience, Jack the resident ghost informs Penelope that it wasn’t from natural causes.  He was murdered. 

An enjoyable read.  I am looking forward to the next book The Ghost and the Dead Deb.

Roast Mortem

In Roast Mortem, Clare Cosi and her ex-mother-in-law visit Madame’s old friend who has some old photos and an antique coffee maker he wants her to have.  The visit goes horribly wrong when a blast, Clare believes is a bomb, starts a fire in the caffè, trapping both Madame and her friend Enzo in the basement.  Was it arson?  Who would do this and why? 

Roast Mortem is the last book out in the coffeehouse mystery series by author Cleo Coyle.  Her next book Murder by Mocha isn’t due out until August of this year.  I have really enjoyed this series.  Each book is better than the last.  I would read them in order, although you do not have to.

Holiday Grind

The 2009 release of Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle was another good read.  In this cozy coffeehouse mystery Clare Cosi is busy coming up with new holiday drinks and catchy names for the drinks to bring in more holiday business.  After the store closes Clare, her staff and a few friends are having a taste test to decided which of their concoction will make it to the drink board.  When santa, a regular coffee customer, is late for the taste test Clare sets out to see what is keeping him.  Unfortunately, Clare finds the man dead, murdered.  Who would want santa dead and why?  The police figure it was just a mugging, but Clare doesn’t believe it and is determined to find the killer. 

As in all of the coffeehouse mysteries, you are treated to recipes and coffee-making tips.  This was another light fun read I recommend to you.

Best Friends Cross Stitch

In my quest for another cross stitch project, I was browsing through some library books and came across this adorable cat and dog.  As an owner of both cats and dogs I couldn’t pass it up.  The book I found this pattern in is called 120 Celebration Cross Stitch Cards by Gillian Souter.  It was published in 2005 and the pattern can be found on page 62.

The book has many small projects that could be used for more than cards.  I saw a cute giraffe that would be nice for a baby and it also had a small flower project that would make a great bookmark.  I think I might take the book out again another time for another project. 

My cross stitch was done on 28ct. evenweave and measures 2 1/2″H x 3 1/2″W.