Springtime Bloom Tin

Last year I stitched Springtime Bloom, a free chart from the Chart Shop.  It was a fun, fast pattern in bright springtime colors.  I wasn’t sure how to finish it off.  Recently, while I was surfing the web, I came across The Victorian Sampler WebsiteOne of the free patterns they offer is for covering an Altoid tin.  I had an empty tin and I thought I would give it a try using the stitching I had already completed.  I also had just purchased some seed beads and wanted to add them to a project. 

The Springtime Bloom stitching fit the tin perfectly.  I traced the outline of the tin onto the stitching and added my orange seed beads on the outline.  I also added a few seed beads to the center of the flowers.  I love how they look.  It added just a little extra.  I then glued a piece of lightweight batting onto a piece of cardstock the same size as the top of the tin.  My next step was to hot glue my stitching around the batting and cardstock,  which I then glued to the top of the tin. 

I didn’t like the looks of the red tin around the edges of the tin with my orange stitching, so I found a piece of yellow and orange material that went perfectly.  I made my own strip of bias tape out of it and hot glued it around the edge of the tin.  I think it turned out very nice.


4 Responses to “Springtime Bloom Tin”

  1. Janet Says:

    The tin is a perfect fit for your pretty blooms. I love adding beads to cross-stitch.

  2. Sara Says:

    I just thought to myself that I wanted to do a cross stitch. Yours are so darling!

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