French Pressed

For the most part when I read a series of books by the end of the series I’m bored and ready to start something new.  That is not the case with Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mystery Series.  Her first book was so-so, filled with so much background the actual story seemed lost.  I’m not sure why I gave her series another try, maybe because I had the next couple of books on hand ready to read.  Anyway, I’m glad I did!  Each book I read in this series is better than the last.  And, even though the main characters are the same, the storylines are very different. 

In French Pressed  Clare’s daughter Joy, a culinary student doing her internship in a well know 4-star restaurant is involved with the head chef.  Drama leads to more drama and the next thing you know Clare is once again playing detective due to the death of one of Joy’s culinary friends who also worked in the restaurant.  I really don’t want to give too much away.  I hope you are curious enough to read this series yourself.

I am off to start her next book Espresso Shot.  Happy reading.


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