Paw Print Fleece Pet Blanket

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and not much in the way of “creating”.  The other day I was thinking about all the animal hair on my throw blankets.  I love my animals, but I hate all the shedding!  I’ve made the dogs each a blanket for their beds, and they do appreciate them, but then so do the cats.  That’s when I decided I needed to make a couple more small blankets to lay on the bed and or couch to hopefully to keep the cats and dogs off mine! 

I had an opportunity to make a quick trip to JoAnn’s the other day and found a remnant of fleece that I knew would be perfect for my small project.  I snatched it up for only $1.55 w/tax!  What a deal for .583 yds.

Here is what I made.  I cut 8 – 10″ squares of  the print and 8 – 10″ squares of black fleece I had on hand.  I sewed them together making a 38″ square.  I then cut another piece of black fleece into a 38″ square.  With right sides together I stitched all around leaving an opening to turn.  After I clipped the corners and turned it right side out, I stitched it again about an 1″ in from the edge all the way around.  The finished blanket is a 36″ square. 

A nice quick project that was also inexpensive and well appreciated by my pets.  Happy sewing!


2 Responses to “Paw Print Fleece Pet Blanket”

  1. belovedknits Says:

    Too cute! I have quite a few fleece blankets for my pups, but yours are so much nicer. Maybe it’s time for me to get the sewing machine out and make them new ones. 🙂

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