Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Completed!

I am pleased to announce that my Disappearing 9 Patch quilt is completed! 

Update 7:  Quilt is finished!

It took a little bit to get the layers all together nice and smooth, pinned and quilted.  I do not have a fancy machine, but it works.  I sew on a Brother that I got at Costco a couple of years ago.  This is the first quilt I have completed using this machine.  I had to replace my old faithful Singer I had for a good 30 some years.  I was drooling and dreaming the other day about upgrading to a fancier machine, but that will be another post.  This machine did take some getting used to, but I managed.  My next quilt will be a little easier to make now that I have worked out most of the kinks.

Today was spent working on the binding.  It took 6 1/2 strips of fabric.  I learned something new about connecting the ends of your binding while constructing this quilt that I sure wish I knew sooner.  It sure would have been helpful.  There are many different techniques out there that hopefully come to the same conclusion, but I found Heather Mulder Peterson’s Binding Tips  to be the easiest and quickest.  And, it works!  You can’t tell where I started or stopped sewing on the binding thanks to her technique.  Heather’s blog is called Trends and Traditions.  Along with designing quilts, she is also a beautiful knitter.

I really like how it turned out.  It is not perfect, but it is perfect for my sewing room!  I am already planning my next quilt.


Fabric Scrap Basket

I just love these little fabric baskets that were a such a hit a few years ago.  The baskets are fun to make and they use small scraps of stash.  I was looking at the scraps of leftover material from the quilt I am making for my sewing room and decided a scrap basket would be perfect.  The pattern for these baskets can be found on Pink Penguin’s Blog along with other great tutorials.

As always, I made some changes to the pattern.  Ayumi uses 2″ squares for her basket.  I used 2 1/2″ squares and I enlarged the bottom a bit.  I made my basket oblong instead of square.  I also made my handles a little long than she did.  I love my basket and it works perfect on my cutting table for my scraps .

With different material this basket would be perfect as an Easter Basket.  Just an idea.  Happy sewing!

The Modern Quilt Workshop

The Modern Quilt Workshop, written by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, is a book filled with bright colorful quilts done in some very unique ways.  My favorite quilt and pattern in this book is Outside the BoxIt is a simple, yet interesting pattern that “is a play on the traditional checkerboard quilt block”. 

There are many quilt books on the market with references on “how to”.  What I like about this book that is different from other books of the same type is their explanation of “why”.  The authors go into detail on how to do something, but they also take time to explain why they do it their way.  One example is on cutting the material for your binding.  They explain why you would want to cut on the bias and when it is not beneficial to do it that way.

I am not a long-arm quilter, but the article they have in their book about purchasing and using their long-arm was very interesting and worth reading for those of you are considering this purchase.

I am anxiously awaiting their new book, Quilts Made Modern, to be available at the library.  It looks like their are a few very interesting quilt patterns in it.  Happy Quilting!

Getting Old is a Disaster

I just can’t get enough of Gladdy Gold and her “girls”!  This series makes getting old fun.  In Getting Old is a Disaster by Rita Lakin, Gladdy Gold and her Fort Lauderdale, Florida retirement community bunker down for a hurricane that uncovers a 50-year-old skeleton.  Due to the damage the hurricane does to the area, the local police have their hands full and a 50-year-old skeleton is not tops on their priority list.  That is when long time resident and builder of the complex asks Gladdy to find out who this person is and how he died.

Gladdy already has a case she is working on, the “Grandpa Bandit”.  The “Grandpa Bandit” is robbing local banks and has yet to be caught.  He has sent Gladdy and her girls a letter baiting them to catch him if they can.  Gladdy and her gang take on the challenge! 

This may be Rita Lakin’s best book yet!  I can’t wait for the next book, Getting Old is Tres Dangereux, to come in for me at the library.  Happy Reading!

Quiltmaking Tips and Techniques

During my recent trip to my local library to pick up and drop off books that I both reserved and read, I decided to check out the quilting reference books.  I like to refresh myself  on how to go about completing each step and to look at the different ways other quilters complete the same process. 

This time, one of the books I took out is Quiltmaking Tips and Techniques, a Rodale Quilt Book.  It was published in 1994.  I have checked this book out before and I really like it.  It is a little different from other quilting books.  In this book, each chapter is filled with different hints and techniques used by many other quilters.  There are 17 chapters in all that touch on each of the topics and questions you want to know and would ask when making a quilt.  The first chapter is on Organizing an Effective Workspace.  The last chapter is on the Care, Repair, and Display of your quilt.  The book boasts that there are “over 1,000 creative ideas to make your quiltmaking quicker, easier and a lot more fun”. 

I would really like to add this book to my home library.  If you are already a quilter or you are thinking about starting quilting, check with your library for a copy.  You may find it both enjoyable and helpful.  Happy reading.

Getting Old is to Die For

If you love a cozy mystery that is sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes heartwarming, you will love the series I am reading now. I just finished the 4th book of the Gladdy Gold and associates detective series by Rita Lakin, Getting Old is to Die For.  Gladdy Gold and “her girls” are all seniors citizens who reside in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida retirement community. 

In this book, Gladdy’s on again – off again beau Jack heads to New York City to try to solve a 40-year-old crime of who shot and killed Gladdy’s husband (who was also named Jack).  But, he doesn’t tell Gladdy where he is going or why.  After Gladdy and the girls help solve another mystery close to home, Gladdy and her sister Evvie are feeling a little homesick for their children and grandchildren and decide to surprise their families in New York and Connecticut.  The other girls are feeling left out and decide to take a vacation to the “big apple” and don’t tell Gladdy or Evvie.  wherever the girls go chaos follows.  A thoroughly enjoyable read.  Each of these books are just as good as the last.  I’m off to start the next book in the series, Getting Old is a Disaster.  Happy reading.

Quilt Top Completed

Progress is being made on my Disappearing 9 Patch quilt.

Update 6:  Quilt Top Completed

I finished sewing all 20 disappearing 9 patch squares together and decided I wanted my quilt a little longer.  I was lucky to have enough material leftover to add one more row of 4 squares across the bottom.  My quilt top now measures 50″ wide x 74″ long.  It is 4 squares across by 6 squares down. 

I am very pleased with the way my quilt top turned out.  How do you like the way I hung it to take a picture?  I used skirt hangers and hung them from the top of the linen closet in the hallway.  After I took the picture, I took down the quilt top and hung the batting up.  I am using Warm & White, a bleached white needled cotton batting.  I then hung the quilt top over it.  It helped me to get it lined up and the wrinkles out so that I could lay the two layers out on my bed and fold it up.  My next step will be to cut my backing.  I bought a high quality muslin in white for my backing.  Tomorrow I will start the process of adding my backing to my other two layers, pinning and quilting the quilt.  This is the hardest process for me and it may take me a while.  That’s o.k., I’m in no hurry!  Happy sewing.