The Starting of a Quilt

It has been a while since I’ve made a quilt.  I think it is about time for another one.  I’ve been looking at my old quilts and they are so ragged and frayed.  I guess they are just really loved.  They are well used that is for sure!

The first step is finding a pattern.  With so many different patterns out there and just as many ways to make each of those patterns, it is really a difficult choice.  After much deliberation, I decided on making the Disappearing 9 Patch.  I have not made this pattern yet and it is a simple, yet interesting pattern.  There are many excellent instructions and tutorials on the web for completing this quilt and I highly suggest surfing photos of finished quilts using this pattern to see the many different ways it can turn out.  I found Brenda Dean’s well written pdf pattern, she has so generously shared, to be very helpful.

After deciding on the pattern, my next step was to choose the colors and material.  Deciding on what colors to make this quilt in was the easy part for me.  My sewing room is creamsickle orange with pink, purple and green.  So naturally, I want to make an afghan size quilt to go in my sewing room done in my favorite colors.  The hard part was finding the right material!  I had plenty of purple and green remnants to choose from and all looked nice together.  It was when I went to add in my orange/tangerine/pink to the mix that became difficult.  I had some remnants that I really liked, but not enough of each piece that blended well together.  I ended up going shopping and I am very happy with my choices.  Take a look. What do you think?  Happy Sewing!


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