Making the Cut

I am making a quilt and I want to share my progress with you, my readers.

Update 2:  Making the Cut

Pattern:  Disappearing 9 Patch     Colors:  Purple, Green, & Orange/Tangerine/Pinks     Size:  Afghan

Now that I have decided on the pattern I want to make and I have the material in front of me that I want to use, it is time to make “the cut”.  The hardest part for me is to make that very first cut in the fabric.  I’m always afraid I will make a mistake and ruin or waste my precious material.  If I do use it, it will be gone forever.  I wonder if I am making the right choice for its use.  Once I start on the project and I make that first cut, I am o.k. – good to go.  I am excited to see my progress.  I look forward to each step and marvel at how it looks.

For this project I am using 5″ squares.  I have 4 different purple patterns and 1 green.  The last 2 colors are a gerber daisy print and a tangerine. I’ve decided to use both of these pieces twice in each square.  I am making 20 – 9 patch squares.  

I’ve cut my squares and I’m starting on sewing them together.  I’ve got one 9 patch square completed to show you.  Back to sewing!


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