Getting Old is the Best Revenge

I’ve started a new cozy mystery series.  This one is by author Rita Lakin.  In the Gladdy Gold Detective Agency series, she and her group of senior citizen friends, who are neighbors in a Florida retirement community, have formed their own detective agency to help solve crimes throughout their community.  These “crimes” range from lost pocketbooks to missing neighbors, etc.  Their methods of detecting are not exactly on the up and up.  They get away with a lot because of their age and claiming to be a little senile. 

This was the 2nd book in her series, Getting Old is the Best Revenge.  Although I prefer to read series books in order, the first book was not yet available to me at the library.  In this book, Gladdy and her “associates” are hired by one of the tenants to spy on her husband who she believes is cheating on her.  In another case, Gladdy is certain there is a connection between the deaths of three wealthy senior citizen women, but the police believe all the deaths were due to natural causes.  Gladdy goes with her gut feeling and begins her own  investigation. 

I really enjoy the characters in this book.  It just goes to show you, you can never underestimate the abilities of  our senior citizens!  This book will make you smile, shake your head, and even laugh out loud.  I am off to start book 1, Getting Old is Murder.


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