Arranging the Squares

I’ve been working on my quilt.  It is a slow process, but relaxing. 

Update 4:  Arranging the squares

All of my 9 patch squares have now been cut into 4 squares.  I now get to make the fun decision of which way to arrange my squares.  There are a number of different ways to do this. Each would make the quilt look completely different.  I have arranged the squares on my cutting table and took pictures so you can see too.  Such a decision!    I think I’m going to go with view #2.  View #1 has the same finished look when the squares are together.  It is probably the most common way to piece this quilt together.  I just like the way my colors pop in this arrangement.  Now that I’ve decided, I’ll start piecing them together.  Happy Sewing!  

View #6

View #5

View #4

View #3

View #2

View #1



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