4 to 1

 I’ve been working on my quilt a little each day. 

Update 5:  4 to 1

After deciding on which way to arrange the 4 squares, that I got when I cut my 9 patch, it was time to sew them together.  I had to be careful to make sure that I sewed them all the same way.  I messed up a couple of times and I had to use my ripper.  It took a couple of days to get all 20 of the squares sewn.  That’s because I wasn’t able to spend all day sewing.  I did have some laundry and a few other household duties that required my attention.   With my 20 squares sewn and pressed, they are ready now for the next step.  I’ve taken a picture of a completed square so you can see how it looks.  Now to lay these squares out on my table and sew them together.  Happy Sewing!


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