Getting Old is Criminal

As you know, I am reading the Gladdy Gold series by Rita Lakin.  In Getting Old is Criminal, her third book in the series, Gladdy and the girls get a real paying job.  The son of a 95-year-old wealthy woman believes his mother was murdered by her 75-year-old boyfriend.  Gladdy and her sister must go undercover to sold this case by pretending to be rich and living in this very upscale retirement center in another city in Florida.  Such a hardship!  Meanwhile, back at their own apartment complex they still have a peeping tom to deal with along with the usual hazards of getting old.

This series is worth reading.  I thoroughly enjoy the antics of these seniors.  You will laugh and smile at some of the things they do and say.  I am starting book 4 now, Getting Old is to Die For.  Happy Reading.

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