Quilt Top Completed

Progress is being made on my Disappearing 9 Patch quilt.

Update 6:  Quilt Top Completed

I finished sewing all 20 disappearing 9 patch squares together and decided I wanted my quilt a little longer.  I was lucky to have enough material leftover to add one more row of 4 squares across the bottom.  My quilt top now measures 50″ wide x 74″ long.  It is 4 squares across by 6 squares down. 

I am very pleased with the way my quilt top turned out.  How do you like the way I hung it to take a picture?  I used skirt hangers and hung them from the top of the linen closet in the hallway.  After I took the picture, I took down the quilt top and hung the batting up.  I am using Warm & White, a bleached white needled cotton batting.  I then hung the quilt top over it.  It helped me to get it lined up and the wrinkles out so that I could lay the two layers out on my bed and fold it up.  My next step will be to cut my backing.  I bought a high quality muslin in white for my backing.  Tomorrow I will start the process of adding my backing to my other two layers, pinning and quilting the quilt.  This is the hardest process for me and it may take me a while.  That’s o.k., I’m in no hurry!  Happy sewing.

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