Quiltmaking Tips and Techniques

During my recent trip to my local library to pick up and drop off books that I both reserved and read, I decided to check out the quilting reference books.  I like to refresh myself  on how to go about completing each step and to look at the different ways other quilters complete the same process. 

This time, one of the books I took out is Quiltmaking Tips and Techniques, a Rodale Quilt Book.  It was published in 1994.  I have checked this book out before and I really like it.  It is a little different from other quilting books.  In this book, each chapter is filled with different hints and techniques used by many other quilters.  There are 17 chapters in all that touch on each of the topics and questions you want to know and would ask when making a quilt.  The first chapter is on Organizing an Effective Workspace.  The last chapter is on the Care, Repair, and Display of your quilt.  The book boasts that there are “over 1,000 creative ideas to make your quiltmaking quicker, easier and a lot more fun”. 

I would really like to add this book to my home library.  If you are already a quilter or you are thinking about starting quilting, check with your library for a copy.  You may find it both enjoyable and helpful.  Happy reading.


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