Getting Old is a Disaster

I just can’t get enough of Gladdy Gold and her “girls”!  This series makes getting old fun.  In Getting Old is a Disaster by Rita Lakin, Gladdy Gold and her Fort Lauderdale, Florida retirement community bunker down for a hurricane that uncovers a 50-year-old skeleton.  Due to the damage the hurricane does to the area, the local police have their hands full and a 50-year-old skeleton is not tops on their priority list.  That is when long time resident and builder of the complex asks Gladdy to find out who this person is and how he died.

Gladdy already has a case she is working on, the “Grandpa Bandit”.  The “Grandpa Bandit” is robbing local banks and has yet to be caught.  He has sent Gladdy and her girls a letter baiting them to catch him if they can.  Gladdy and her gang take on the challenge! 

This may be Rita Lakin’s best book yet!  I can’t wait for the next book, Getting Old is Tres Dangereux, to come in for me at the library.  Happy Reading!


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