The Modern Quilt Workshop

The Modern Quilt Workshop, written by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, is a book filled with bright colorful quilts done in some very unique ways.  My favorite quilt and pattern in this book is Outside the BoxIt is a simple, yet interesting pattern that “is a play on the traditional checkerboard quilt block”. 

There are many quilt books on the market with references on “how to”.  What I like about this book that is different from other books of the same type is their explanation of “why”.  The authors go into detail on how to do something, but they also take time to explain why they do it their way.  One example is on cutting the material for your binding.  They explain why you would want to cut on the bias and when it is not beneficial to do it that way.

I am not a long-arm quilter, but the article they have in their book about purchasing and using their long-arm was very interesting and worth reading for those of you are considering this purchase.

I am anxiously awaiting their new book, Quilts Made Modern, to be available at the library.  It looks like their are a few very interesting quilt patterns in it.  Happy Quilting!


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