Fabric Scrap Basket

I just love these little fabric baskets that were a such a hit a few years ago.  The baskets are fun to make and they use small scraps of stash.  I was looking at the scraps of leftover material from the quilt I am making for my sewing room and decided a scrap basket would be perfect.  The pattern for these baskets can be found on Pink Penguin’s Blog along with other great tutorials.

As always, I made some changes to the pattern.  Ayumi uses 2″ squares for her basket.  I used 2 1/2″ squares and I enlarged the bottom a bit.  I made my basket oblong instead of square.  I also made my handles a little long than she did.  I love my basket and it works perfect on my cutting table for my scraps .

With different material this basket would be perfect as an Easter Basket.  Just an idea.  Happy sewing!


2 Responses to “Fabric Scrap Basket”

  1. Pat Says:

    With a couple of grandaughters and some Easter fabric I’d purchased a couple of years ago and just barely “found” again I can use it up making these baskets for them for Easter–they would love it! Thanks!

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