Getting Old is Dangereux

I just finished the last book out in Rita Lakin’s Gladdy Gold series Getting Old is Dangereux.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and the antics of these very active senior women.  I hate to see the series end.  The next book in the series isn’t due out until June of this year.  It is called Getting Old Can Kill You.

Back to this last book, Jack, Gladdy’s beau, runs into an old flame from France who still has a crush on him.  She is not only a beautiful and famous writer, but she is also much younger than Jack.  Because of the subject matter in her books, she has made many enemies and this time someone is trying to kill her.  Jack takes on the duty of protecting her and Gladdy worries if Jack might still have feelings for this other woman.  All the while Gladdy is preparing for her wedding.  Will they or won’t they get married? 

A great cozy mystery book filled with chuckles and smiles.  Happy reading.


One Response to “Getting Old is Dangereux”

  1. Janet Says:

    I enjoy reading a good series and am always disappointed to see them end. I’m glad to hear a new book will be out soon. I hope I can find these in our local library.

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