More Fabric Baskets

This is my third fabric basket and my third post on fabric baskets.  They are so cute and an enjoyable fun project to make.  It seems to me that once you’ve made one of anything the 2nd and 3rd are so much easier and faster to make.  I think I’ve got the hang of making these.  It won’t be the last of them you will see.  Sorry.  I’ve got a few more in mind to make, although it might not be right away that I get to them.  I may change them up a bit, you just never know.

I made this one exactly like I made my second basket using 2 1/2″ squares.  The bottom is 11″ x 8″.  I cut the handles 2″ x 6″. For this basket I used a pink poke a dot print for the bottom and the lining with pale yellow and pale pink squares.  The print is turquoise with the yellow and pink in it.  You can find the pattern on Pink Penguin’s blog.  It is a well written and easy to follow pattern.  Happy sewing!


One Response to “More Fabric Baskets”

  1. Janet Says:

    These fabric baskets are so cute. Thanks for the pattern link.

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