Spring Resolutions ~ Cozy Reads ~ & Planning Projects

It’s been a long winter and I’ve spent most of my time indoors.  Which means, not getting a lot of exercise and consuming more calories than I have worked off.  It is time to do something about it.  I know many of you have experienced the same thing.  I get so involved in my projects that I forget everything else.  I love “creating” and reading.  I don’t enjoy working out and getting sweaty.  But, I know in order to live a healthy lifestyle I must get some exercise, like it or not! 

I’m not going on a diet!  I eat fairly healthy already and I really don’t eat a lot.  It is just that when a person gets no exercise at all they don’t burn any calories either.  It is also not good on my heart to be a “couch potato” or should I say “chair potato”.  So, because I want to be around a long while longer and I would like to feel better physically, I am going to spend some time during each day getting some sort of exercise.  Hopefully I’ll lose a little weight too.   This is my Spring Resolution.

And now back to the fun stuff!  The library called and I’ve got some more books in.  Guess where I am going today!  I can’t wait to get started on them.  The next author I will be reading is Sue Henry.  This series is about Maxine “Maxie” McNab a 60 something Alaskan widow who travels the country in her Winnebago with her dog.  Another cozy read.  I’ve also got a couple of quilt books coming.  I love just looking at and admiring other talented quilter’s work and getting new ideas.

I am also planning my next batch of projects.  I have a couple of quilt block patterns in mind.  I just haven’t decided which one to start on first.  I really like the Spring Basket Pattern.  I haven’t seen many quilts made up in this particular basket pattern.  It is in the Fon’s & Porter Keepsake Quilting Block Buster.   Another quilt pattern I like is Posy Chain.  Again it is one I have not seen done up too often.  It is one of Marcia Hohn’s patterns in the Quilter’s Cache.  I would like to make this one in all different colors using up some of my stash.  A couple more fabric baskets are in the planning stages, as well as some other small projects I have in mind too.  I can’t wait to get started.  Til next time ~ Happy reading & creating!

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