Posy Chain Quilt Block

Yesterday I worked on making a Posy Chain quilt block. It is an 8″ square block.  And, it is one of the other patterns I am seriously thinking about making.  It is a Marcia Hohn original pattern found on her Quilter’s Cache website.  This site has more quilt block patterns in one place than I’ve ever seen before.  I like how she has it set up so you can look for a pattern by size, name or even by picture.  It will take you forever to go through all of the quilt blocks!

For me, the directions for this quilt block were a little sketchy.  It took me a while to figure out what I was doing. (Not unusual for me!)  Like on the Spring Basket quilt block, I used my easy angle to make my triangles.  The easy angle works good when you don’t have a lot of triangles to make or you are using up some of your scraps of material like I am.  I had a hard time sewing them all together.  I did a lot more ripping than I like.  My problem was getting my blocks lined up and my points nice and in the right direction.  It is still not perfect, but with practice I will get better.  I might make this block into a hot pad for the kitchen.  I can always use another hot pad that isn’t filthy or burned!

What I like about this block is that I can make each block different enabling me to use up some of my stash and keep it somewhat uniform, making the completed quilt look planned.  What I am thinking about doing is keeping the center of each flower yellow and the corner blocks green, like leaves.  I will use white for the background, being I am using so many different colors throughout each block.  I can use any color in the rainbow for the flower itself.  That is my plan.  Now to get the blocks to line up and points perfected!  Happy creating!


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