The Serpents Trail

As I mentioned before, the library received in a few more books for me.  One of those books was A Serpents Trail by Sue Henry.  This is her first book in her Maxie McNabb series.   Maxie is a 63-year-old from Alaska, who along with her dachshund, Stretch, travel in her Winnebago motor home to Grand Junction, Colorado to visit her dying friend, Sarah. 

Sarah has been Maxie’s life long close friend and when Sarah called her and told her she needed her help right away, Maxie packed up and went.  By the time Maxie arrived Sarah was in the hospital with not much longer to live.  Sarah told Maxie everything she needed to know was written down on a paper in her house and asked her to please help her.  Sarah’s house had been ransacked as if someone was looking for something.   Maxie is determined to find the paper Sarah wanted her to have and to help her close friend.  She also wants to find out who and why someone would tear apart her home.  What are they after? 

I love books that mention my crafts.  In this book references are made to handmade quilts and knitting.  And, as I hate to give anything away, this book is filled with secrets Maxie must untangle to get to the bottom of the mystery.   A very good read.  I am off to start book 2 in the series, The Tooth of Time.  Happy Reading!


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