Woo-Hoo! Spring Has Sprung!

Carolina Chickadee


Woo-Hoo! Spring has sprung!  The birds are back!  I was up in my sewing room stitching away when I heard this sound outside and I couldn’t figure it out.  I looked out my window and saw these cute little birds fluttering around.  They were chickadees and as they wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a picture of more than one together, you will only get to see the one I did get up close. 

The other lone bird in the tree with them at the time was a cardinal.  But, again I could not get a picture of the two birds together.  Those little chickadees are active.  I hope they come back.  I love watching them and listening to them sing.  Maybe I will have to get a bird feeder.  But then, wouldn’t that be teasing my poor cats?

With our one day of beautiful weather (a high in the mid 80’s), I decided to venture out to Joann’s and see what I could find.  Was I glad I went!  They are having a fantastic sale this week on all sorts of items I needed.  All of their thread is 50% off, so I stocked up on some of that.  I also got rotary blades and sewing machine needles at 50% off too.  And, I did manage to snatch up some nice remnants and other material.   It looked like everyone else had the same idea as me.  The store was very crowded but the shoppers were very nice and polite as we waited to get are material cut.   I love seeing what everyone is making. 

Today is rain and thunderstorms.  A great day for staying in and sewing.  Happy creating!


One Response to “Woo-Hoo! Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. Janet Says:

    Love the photos. We’ve had a couple of chickadees at the feeders. They sure don’t stay put for long. By the time I get zoomed in to get a good picture, they’ve moved on to other places. Sounds like you had fun at Joann’s.

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