Posy Chain Quilt Block #2

Just a little update on what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been busy planning and working on my next couple of quilts.  The Posy Chain Quilt will be made mostly from my stash.  It will be a colorful quilt with many different colors of Posy Flowers.  The green blocks are my leaves and the center block will be yellow.  These 8″ blocks are second on my list to work on, so I will not be posting too often about my progress on it, as I will be concentrating on the other quilt I am making.

The other quilt I am working on is the Spring Basket Quilt which will be gifted and I will not be able to post my progress on that one either as the recipient is a reader.  This quilt will need 120 6″ blocks.  I am busy sewing up quilt blocks which seems to be taking a bit of time, as I am spending just as much time ripping due to the fact that I can’t seem to get my points lined up correctly the first time around.  Hopefully it will get better with practice. 

And finally, an update on what I am reading.  I am in the middle of Sue Henry’s 2nd book in her Maxie McNabb series, The Tooth of Time.  I am thoroughly enjoying this series and I will be posting about it soon.  Happy creating and reading.


2 Responses to “Posy Chain Quilt Block #2”

  1. Janet Says:

    Posy Chain is a very pretty block and it looks great in these colors.

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