♥Happy Earth Day♥

Today is Earth Day.  On this day I just want to take a minute to encourage everyone to do their part in helping save our planet.  These are just a few of the ways our family is trying to do our small part.  Maybe one of the things we do will give you an idea to implement in your own home. 

In our home we recycle as much as possible; paper, plastic, glass, etc.  We bring our own bags when we go shopping or we ask for paper bags if needed.  Many places are now giving you a nickel back for each bag you bring in.  And, as I love to make my own fabric bags, it is a great way to get to use more of my own creations.  We are using only energy-saving lightbulbs as we replace the old bulbs and we turn off the lights when we leave a room. (Most of the time – still working on this one).  We keep our heat turned down and we try not to use the air-conditioning anymore than absolutely necessary.  With the high cost of fuel, we are trying to make fewer trips to town, thus saving money and our planets precious resources. 

P.S. – I thought of a couple more things we do.  We reuse our bath towels.  We each have our own color of towel so that we do not need to wash them after each use.  We also no longer buy bottled water.  We filter our water through the refrigerator and we have excellent well water to drink.  When we go somewhere, we use our own reusable bottles and mugs.  What other ideas do you have?

So, again this year,  I wish everyone a ♥Happy Earth Day♥!  Remember ~ Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle ~ Restore ~ and Replenish!!

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