The Refuge

I just finished another book in Sue Henry’s Maxie McNabb series.  This third book, The Refuge, takes place in Hawaii where 64 year old Maxie goes to help out someone she has known a very long time. Even though Maxie would rather be at home in Homer, Alaska relaxing with her dog Stretch, Maxie can’t say no to the pleading phone call she gets from Karen.  Karen is a widow who was injured in an accident and is using a cane to get around.  She has asked Maxie to come and help her pack up her belongings so that she can move back to Alaska where she grew up. 

When Maxie arrives strange things start to happen.  Maxie overhears part of a phone conversation Karen is having, which Karen abruptly ends when she is aware Maxie has returned.  This phone conversation stays in the back of Maxie’s mind, as she is sure it has something to do with everything else that seems to be happening around them. 

Maxie also meets a very nice young man who is in need of a place to stay and work.  Maxie offers this lad a job helping her pack up Karen for the move and a mattress to sleep on.  This is against Karen’s wishes and that of Karen’s landlord. 

I really enjoy these cozy mysteries by Sue Henry.  I am off now to start the last book of this series, The End of the Road.  Happy Reading!


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