Updates: New Machine and Spring Quilt Block #4

Yesterday I went to my Janome dealer and spent a good part of my day learning more about my machine.  I’m still in love.   This machine can do so many things that make sewing easier.  Now if I can just remember to use these little tips when I need them I will be all set.  Just one example; I was packing everything up to go home and I was winding up the cord on my presser foot when one of the other ladies says “you know that the foot is retractable don’t you?” .  I did know, just forgot. 

I’ve been working on my Spring Quilt Blocks.   This is the 1st of the purple blocks.  I had this material in my stash.  To have a little closer look at my pictures, just click on the pictures to enlarge.   I like the simple yet interesting pattern in this material.  I’ve only got 3 of these done.  I should have all 10 completed over the week-end.  Happy sewing!


One Response to “Updates: New Machine and Spring Quilt Block #4”

  1. Wanda Says:

    Wow! I’m so glad you settled on a Janome! Gets me so I want to start sewing again. Your quilt block is beautiful! Maybe some day I will get into sewing quilts. I’ve told people I’m a quitter-wanna-be.

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