Time for Fall – Football • Apples • Cider • Donuts

I hope all of you had a nice long week-end.  I was able to go down to southern Illinois and visit with my daughter and her family.  She has seven children (a yours, mine and ours blend).  I got to watch my grandson play football and my granddaughter cheer.  They grow so fast.  The baby I made the sweater for is two already!  The weather was hot!  102 degrees+.  I don’t know how the kids can play football with all that gear on in that heat.  It was a nice visit, but never long enough. 

Can you believe, we get home and the next day we are in long pants with 60 degree weather.   We made the most of that by going to the apple orchard  and enjoyed delicious crisp apples, juicy pears, fresh cider and just made hot donuts.  Mmmm good. 

On the way down I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take to do.  As always, I took too much.  I carted down a couple of books (never got touched), some cotton yarn and a pair of knitting needles.  I made some new dishcloths which I gave to my daughter when we got there.  I made a few more on the way home for our kitchen.  I just wanted something mindless to do so that I could talk and relax in the car.  So that was my week-end.  I hope you enjoyed yours.  Kathryn


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