A Beautiful Place to Die

I’ve found a new author and new series.  This series is set on Martha’s Vineyard where fishing, food, tourists, and the wealthy abound. A Beautiful Place to Die is Philip R. Craig’s first book in the series revolving around retired cop Jeff Jackson. Jeff who spends his day’s fishing, gardening and cooking is asked by the young teen daughter of one of his friends to look into the sinking of her fathers boat which resulted in a death and injured her brother. Susie doesn’t believe it was an accident and she may be right. This book was written in 1989. I believe there are 22 books in this series, so I will be happily reading for a while.

The book was well written and I would put it in the cozy mystery category as there wasn’t the detailed gore you find in some books.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series The Woman Who Walked in the Sea.


2 Responses to “A Beautiful Place to Die”

  1. candy m. Says:

    Just found your blog from the Janome Yahoo Group & the first thing I saw was about one of these books…reading, sewing, dogs, horses, are my favorite things pretty much! Anyway, I love this series of books, think I have read them all! And copied the recipes….did you know the author passed away? Last year, I think…
    And, on a lighter note, love your wall hanging! Great job!

    • klccreations Says:

      Hi Candy, I’m glad you found my blog. No, I wasn’t aware that he had passed away. I am looking forward to reading his other books. Thanks for commenting on my wall hanging. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Happy Reading and Sewing. Kathryn

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