Stitcher’s Garden – Block 2

Stitcher's Garden Quilt Block #2 - The Groups

Stitcher’s Garden Quilt Block #2 – mine


I thought I’d share the second block in my BOM Stitcher’s Garden quilt.  This block has Drunkard’s Path corners, which was something new for me.  I hadn’t worked with curves before in any of my quilts.  Guess what!  It wasn’t as hard as it looks.  The quilted waves were fun to do, as it is one of the stitches in my machine that just needed the length and width adjusted. Again, if you click on the pictures you will be able to see some of the decorative stitches in each block.  The orange flower has the material that our instructor picked out for the group.  The material in the yellow flower is of my own choosing.  I really do love this quilt!  I am having so much fun making it.  Each block does take me a long time to complete.  That’s all for today.  Happy Sewing!  Kathryn

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