The Woman Who Walked into the Sea

As you all know, I love to read and when I find a good author and an interesting series it is hard to put the book down.  This is the 2nd Jeff Jackson-Martha’s Vineyard Mystery by Philip R. Craig, The Woman Who Walked into the Sea, it was later published as Death in Vineyard Waters, which I recently read. 

In this book J. W. Jackson is introduced to an elderly professor and a few of her colleagues who are spending some of their summer on Martha’s Vineyard.  Marjorie and her much younger colleague, Dr. Ian McGregor are working on scholarly paper together.  Marjorie Summerharp maybe a respected academic and in her 80’s, but she is also a woman who speaks her mind, which is often hurtful to others.  It is also well-known that Marjorie loves to swim alone every morning at 6 a.m.  When her body is found caught in a fisherman’s net, the death is ruled accidental by drowning.  But after giving the matter some thought, Jeff finds himself disagreeing with the official report and decides to look into it himself. 

This cozy mystery was a quick, good read.   I’m off to find the next book in the series The Double-Minded Men, APA Vineyard Deceit.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn

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