My mom was a seamstress and a very good one.  She could make everything and anything.  She need no pattern, just an idea.  Everything she made was of much better quality than you would find in the stores.  She sewed everything on an old Singer sewing machine.  When she sewed by hand, she always had a thimble on her middle finger.  I loved some of the thimbles in her drawer.  They were all different and some were actually very beautiful.  The thing is, I loved to LOOK at them – NOT wear them. 

I’ve always hated to use a thimble when I sew, as I could never find one that fit good or was comfortable on my finger.  I couldn’t figure out which finger to put the stupid thing on either.  I have a good collection of thimbles of my own.  All just sit in my sewing box, never used or worn.  That is, until I was in my LQS last week picking up my next block for my Stitcher’s Garden Quilt.  There, in a large jar, was a varied collection of pretty colored rubber thimbles.  My curiosity had me.  I just had to open the jar and try a few on.  You see, now that I know how to put a binding on my quilts and have them look nice, I need a good thimble that actually does what it is supposed to.  I am tired of have cuts on my fingers and using a band-aid as a thimble.  The problem is, none of those thimbles worked any better than the ones I had at home.  As the gal was ringing me up she mentioned that they had gotten some new thimbles in a little bit ago and that even though they are a bit pricy, she had fallen in love with them and purchased one herself.  After trying one on myself I was also in love with the fit.  And, yes, I too bought one.  They come in three sizes; small, medium and large.  I bought the pink one, a medium.  It fits perfect on my middle finger.  I’ve used it a few times since I bought it and I still love it!!!  This fabulous thimble is made by Clover.  It is a “flexible” rubber thimble with a metal tip.  It is “a little pricy” at $8.95, but I love it and am so happy to have finally found a thimble that works!!  Happy Sewing!  Kathryn


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