Vineyard Deceit

Vineyard Deceit is the 3rd book in the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series by Philip R. Craig.  The series is about J. W. Jackson, a retired police officer, who now is a full-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard. He spends most of his day fishing for whatever is biting, In this book Jeff is asked to take a temporary position on the local police force to be part of a security team when a middle eastern potentate and his entourage come to the island to reclaim an emerald necklace stolen from his nation a long time ago.

Thinking this will be an easy job where he can make a few quick bucks, he takes the job. He has his mind on a boat that he wants to purchase. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be such a laid back job after all.  His girlfriend, Zee, is kidnapped, the necklace is stolen and a man is found dead. Jeff goes into detective mode in search of girlfriend and the necklace. He is then hired by a man to find out who killed the man’s friend. Are these incidents all connected in some way or what?

I really enjoy this series.  As I have mentioned before, it is an interesting, quick read.  I don’t know “who done it” until the end, which is nice.  I hate it when the plot is so obvious.  The people in the book are real everyday people who you can relate to.  If you are looking for a good series that isn’t full of gory details, this is it.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn


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