Wild Flower Pincushion

It seems like everyone has at least one really cute pincushion either handmade and given as a gift or just sewn for yourself because you like it.  I decided it was about time to spoil myself and make one for my sewing room.  I searched the web and found so many cute ones it was hard for me to decide which one to make first.  I decided on the Wild Flower Pincushion designed by Anna Maria Horner and published on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

I didn’t realize until I started making it how large it was going to be.  It is definitely easy to find!  I have it on my cutting table and next to the ironing board.  It was easy to make and is as cute as the ones I enjoyed looking at on the web.  The pattern was easy to follow.   I used remnants I had on hand for this project and I filled mine with polyester fiberfill and a little of the finest steel wool I could find at my local hardware store.  Happy Sewing!  Kathryn


2 Responses to “Wild Flower Pincushion”

  1. So Resourceful Says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and I just had to comment as I too have recently made this wildflower pincushion, I was surprised at how big it turned out, ub tit holds so many pins it is great! At first I didn’t like it, and when I blogged about it I really didn’t like it, but now I am used to it I have changed my mind and will be making more of them in the future!

    • klccreations Says:

      Hi Rose, I’m glad you found my blog. Like you, I wasn’t sure at first wether the pincushion was what I wanted when I first made it over the summer. But now that I’ve had it a while, I love it! You are right, it holds so many pins! I think if I make it again I will either starch the petals or put some stabilizer in them to make them stand out a little more. Thanks again for taking time to comment and for reading my blog. Kathryn

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