The Lover’s Knot

I’ve reserved the  next few books in the Martha’s Vineyard series I am reading and I am patiently waiting for them to come in via the  interloan service our library provides.  Meanwhile, I was browsing through the new books at the library, I came across a new quilting mystery.  It was book #3 in a series.  I read so many books that I sometimes forget if I’ve read a particular author or series.  That was the case with this series.  It sounded familiar, but I just wasn’t sure if I read this one or not.  So, when in doubt re-read!  I picked up all three books in the series.  What series you ask – it is the Someday Quilts Mystery series by Clare O’Donohue .  The first book in the series is The Lover’s Knot

I am certain I read this book a while ago when it first came out in 2008.  The series is about a young woman, Nell, who is about to get married when she is dumped by her fiance.  She takes some time to gather her thoughts and heal her broken heart at her grandmother’s.  Her grandmother owns a quilt shop in a small town.  When her grandmother falls down a flight of stairs, breaking her leg, Nell decides to stay a while longer and help out her grandmother.  Nell then finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when she discovers the body of her grandmother’s handyman in the quilt shop.  The book is a fun cozy read that I enjoyed just as much the second time around.  I am off to read the 2nd book in the series, A Drunkard’s Path.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn


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