Little Fabric Basket #4

 I just thought I’d share my last fabric basket with you.  This one was made with 2″ squares, like the original pattern.   These baskets are so cute and fun to make.  I’m gifting this one to another granddaughter for her birthday. 

The pattern can be found on Pink Penguin’s blog

Sorry this post is so short.  I’ve got a lot to do.  Busy week-end.  Happy Sewing!


More Fabric Baskets

This is my third fabric basket and my third post on fabric baskets.  They are so cute and an enjoyable fun project to make.  It seems to me that once you’ve made one of anything the 2nd and 3rd are so much easier and faster to make.  I think I’ve got the hang of making these.  It won’t be the last of them you will see.  Sorry.  I’ve got a few more in mind to make, although it might not be right away that I get to them.  I may change them up a bit, you just never know.

I made this one exactly like I made my second basket using 2 1/2″ squares.  The bottom is 11″ x 8″.  I cut the handles 2″ x 6″. For this basket I used a pink poke a dot print for the bottom and the lining with pale yellow and pale pink squares.  The print is turquoise with the yellow and pink in it.  You can find the pattern on Pink Penguin’s blog.  It is a well written and easy to follow pattern.  Happy sewing!

Fabric Basket

I decided to make another fabric basket.  My fabric scrap basket works perfect on my cutting table and looks nice there too.  I was thinking how versatile the baskets would be made up in different fabrics. 

This basket was made using 2 1/2″ squares.  I cut my bottom 11″ x 8″.  I cut my handles 2″W x 6″L.  I think they are the perfect length.  I used a turquoise batik for the lining and the bottom.  The bright flower print has turquoise, yellow, orange, blue and green in it, so I chose a bright yellow and a bright orange for the other squares. The finished size is 5″H x 4 1/2″ square.

My granddaughter’s favorite color is turquoise and I made this basket for her birthday.  I thought this little basket would be perfect on her dresser or desk for all the little things teenage girls need; i-pod, cell phone, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, make-up and more.  I hope she likes it.

Fabric Scrap Basket

I just love these little fabric baskets that were a such a hit a few years ago.  The baskets are fun to make and they use small scraps of stash.  I was looking at the scraps of leftover material from the quilt I am making for my sewing room and decided a scrap basket would be perfect.  The pattern for these baskets can be found on Pink Penguin’s Blog along with other great tutorials.

As always, I made some changes to the pattern.  Ayumi uses 2″ squares for her basket.  I used 2 1/2″ squares and I enlarged the bottom a bit.  I made my basket oblong instead of square.  I also made my handles a little long than she did.  I love my basket and it works perfect on my cutting table for my scraps .

With different material this basket would be perfect as an Easter Basket.  Just an idea.  Happy sewing!

Pink Batik Spring Basket Quilt Block #2

Today I thought I’d share the 2nd of the Spring Basket Quilt Blocks I’ve been working on.  This is the other pink batik fabric I had in my stash that I thought would look nice in this quilt.  I’ve completed three of these blocks.  Again, I have photographed the block on the brown print that I will be using for the sashing so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

It is taking a while to cut out all of the little triangles and blocks.  I’ve started to do the next block in an asembly line fashion; cut out the pieces, sew the triangles together, and then iron all the pieces.  I think it should make stitching the block together go much quicker and easier being I won’t have to stop after stitching each triangle to press it.  Happy Sewing!

Spring Basket Quilt Progress

Spring Basket Quilt Progress – Thoughts, plans and the 1st pink block.

With 120 – 6″ quilt blocks to make I have got to have some sort of a goal or I will never get them all finished.  I want to spend my time enjoying the process, not feeling like it is work.  I don’t want to be thinking to myself  “only _____ many more to go”.  I sew best in the morning when my mind is fresh.  But then, that is when I like to get my housework done too.  I like the feeling of having what I need to get done finished and now I can spend the rest of my day “playing”.  How about you?

I have decided to make 10 blocks each of the purple and pink fabric I have chosen for this quilt and go from there.  I think I still need one more purple, but if I don’t find another purple I like, I still have enough of the other purples to make a few more blocks of them.

This is the first pink quilt block.  It is from a remnant of the batik I was able to snatch up a while ago and I didn’t have a clue what I would use it for.  I just love this material.  I think it works up nicely with the other fabric.  I took the photo with the brown print underneath that I will be using for the sashing so you could get an idea of what it will look like.  I’ve got 8 of these done.  I still need to cut more of this fabric for the last two blocks.  Happy Sewing and Creating!

Weighted Pincushion Organizer

I love pincushions, especially functional ones.  When I was at my LQS taking a class, I noticed a few of the women had a pincushion next to their machines that also held their scissors, ripper, and a couple other tools of the trade.  Some of them also had a scrap basket attached to it too.  I had seen patterns for this type of pincushion on-line, but when I saw them in person I fell in love.  I just had to make one for myself! 

The pattern I used is found on Sew, Mama, Sew! designed by Elizabeth Hartman in 2009.  This pincushion has become my favorite.  I love having my scissors, marker, ripper, pins and needles always in the same place.  Before I couldn’t remember which side of the machine I had set them down and I was always misplacing things.  I did not want my thread basket attached.  I like having it sit next to my machine.  Don’t you just love the spool of thread design around the top.  It’s just one of the special stitches on my Janome Horizon.   

I also like the strip down the center of the pincushion for needles.  If I only use a needle a little and I want to switch to a different needle, I don’t want to put the used one back in with the new.  This way I have my needles handy and I know which ones have been gently used.  My pincushion is lightly stuffed with a small amount of the finest steel wool to keep my pins sharp along with stuffing and weights used for toys and stuffed animals I had on hand. 

If you are in need of a pincushion yourself, or just like to make them, this is it!  I love mine and the pattern was easy to follow.  Happy Sewing!  Kathryn

Spring Resolutions ~ Cozy Reads ~ & Planning Projects

It’s been a long winter and I’ve spent most of my time indoors.  Which means, not getting a lot of exercise and consuming more calories than I have worked off.  It is time to do something about it.  I know many of you have experienced the same thing.  I get so involved in my projects that I forget everything else.  I love “creating” and reading.  I don’t enjoy working out and getting sweaty.  But, I know in order to live a healthy lifestyle I must get some exercise, like it or not! 

I’m not going on a diet!  I eat fairly healthy already and I really don’t eat a lot.  It is just that when a person gets no exercise at all they don’t burn any calories either.  It is also not good on my heart to be a “couch potato” or should I say “chair potato”.  So, because I want to be around a long while longer and I would like to feel better physically, I am going to spend some time during each day getting some sort of exercise.  Hopefully I’ll lose a little weight too.   This is my Spring Resolution.

And now back to the fun stuff!  The library called and I’ve got some more books in.  Guess where I am going today!  I can’t wait to get started on them.  The next author I will be reading is Sue Henry.  This series is about Maxine “Maxie” McNab a 60 something Alaskan widow who travels the country in her Winnebago with her dog.  Another cozy read.  I’ve also got a couple of quilt books coming.  I love just looking at and admiring other talented quilter’s work and getting new ideas.

I am also planning my next batch of projects.  I have a couple of quilt block patterns in mind.  I just haven’t decided which one to start on first.  I really like the Spring Basket Pattern.  I haven’t seen many quilts made up in this particular basket pattern.  It is in the Fon’s & Porter Keepsake Quilting Block Buster.   Another quilt pattern I like is Posy Chain.  Again it is one I have not seen done up too often.  It is one of Marcia Hohn’s patterns in the Quilter’s Cache.  I would like to make this one in all different colors using up some of my stash.  A couple more fabric baskets are in the planning stages, as well as some other small projects I have in mind too.  I can’t wait to get started.  Til next time ~ Happy reading & creating!

Starting a Cross Stitch Project

Yesterday was spent planning a cross stitch project (which I haven’t done in a long while).  I didn’t have any problem selecting a project.  Being ready for and thinking about spring, I fell in love with EMS’s “Basket with Hedgehog”.   I am also very happy it is a free pattern!

 I have all the floss I need but, the pattern suggests using 28ct. Jobelan.  I don’t have any 28ct. cloth and I had no idea what Jobelan was.  Also, how much cloth will I need and how big is my project going to be on 28ct cloth?  So, In my quest to know, I was off hunting for answers.  I found a wonderful site in which an article, written by Lizzie Bolton, explained everything I wanted to know about Jobelan. 

 I was then off to find out the answer to the question as to how much to buy and how big my project would end up.  I am happy to report I found another site that does the calculating for you!  All I had to do was plop my information in and hit a button.  It looks like the weather will be beautiful and I will be heading to JoAnn’s for supplies.  I better add needles to my list.