Why I do what I do

I love to create!  I knit thanks to my Grandma (her needles flew faster than anyone!) and my Mom (the more complicated the better for her).  They were both so gifted.  I crochet thanks to my other Grandma.  Sewing was my Mom’s passion (she could make anything) and thanks to her patience, she taught me.  I cross stitch and quilt to do my own thing.

I create mostly for others – my husband, children, and grandchildren.  They keep me very busy – I do have to keep things even!  And, there are a number of them.  I gave birth to four, but somehow they multiplied.    I have helpers – a pug named Patty Pepper, a black cat (who just walked in one day and never left).  We call her Prunella and her daughter, a beautifully marked grey tabby, Fiona.  There is also our beautiful cocker spaniel Little Lady Buttercup and our fat cat Daisy (who is anti-social).


2 Responses to “Why I do what I do”

  1. Laura C Says:

    We have similar stories! My grandmother taught me how to crochet my very first chain and she makes the most beautiful creations for the family. And my mother loves to sew and fix whatever garment her children have broken.
    Prunella is such a pretty cat! He just showed up and never left? Haha. Adorable.

    • klccreations Says:

      Laura, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. There seem to be many of us with similar stories. It’s a small world. I just have to elaborate on Prunella. It was a very cold winter and she was a baby – orphaned – left outside to fend for herself. My husband saw her and left food out for her. She was too frightened to let anyone touch her but she didn’t seem to be afraid of the dogs. One day when he let the dogs in she decided to come in also. We just let her be and now she is my favorite.

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