Best Friends Cross Stitch

In my quest for another cross stitch project, I was browsing through some library books and came across this adorable cat and dog.  As an owner of both cats and dogs I couldn’t pass it up.  The book I found this pattern in is called 120 Celebration Cross Stitch Cards by Gillian Souter.  It was published in 2005 and the pattern can be found on page 62.

The book has many small projects that could be used for more than cards.  I saw a cute giraffe that would be nice for a baby and it also had a small flower project that would make a great bookmark.  I think I might take the book out again another time for another project. 

My cross stitch was done on 28ct. evenweave and measures 2 1/2″H x 3 1/2″W.


May Days

My 2nd cross stitch for the new year I found in a book I got from our library book sale a while ago.  The book is called Special Occasions in Cross Stitch.  The pattern, found on page 52, is called May Days.  I used only a portion of the cross stitch from the center. I changed the border colors to go with the rest of the pattern.

The stitching is done in coral, lavender, light blue and pistachio green.  The finished size is a 3″ square.  Another perfect size for a needle holder.

Donna Kooler’s 555 Country Cross Stitch Patterns

One of the many books I reserved from our library inter-loan service was Donna Kooler’s 555 Country Cross Stitch Patterns.  I am not into country decorating, so I almost didn’t bother with this book.  I am glad I didn’t pass it up.  This book has a variety of pattern subjects; from nature to kids to holidays and weddings to fonts etc. There is something for everyone. 

The only problem I have is that the charts are all in color with no symbols.  This would be o.k. if the charts did not have 3 or 4 different shades of one color.  I am working on a very cute pattern with 3 cats.  It will be my granddaughters birthday soon and I thought this would make a really cute bookmark.  I am finding it difficult to know which shade they are recommending for some areas of the chart.  It would make it so much easier if the book was both in color and used symbols.

Cross Stitch Ornaments & Mystery Books

Today I thought I would work on my cross stitch.  I think it is coming along nicely.  It’s not perfect, but then I am a very hard critic.  I’m not sure what I will do with it when it is finished.  I just decided to make it because I liked the pattern.  Does anyone else ever do that? 

I also found some cute Christmas cross stitch patterns on the EMS site.  She has an advent calendar with really cute pictures and she is offering  them for free.   I think they will make adorable ornaments which I can give as gifts. 

Our inter-loan library system is fantastic.  I’ve reserved a number of books that I am waiting to come in.  A few are about knitting & cross stitch and a few more are mystery books.  I love reading.  When I was younger I read a lot of romance novels.  Now I’m into mysteries.  I will read the entire series and move on to another.  When I finish a series that I like I feel disappointed that it had to end. My favorite site for finding a good mystery book is “Stop, You’re Killing Me!”. 

I hope you have a nice day and thanks for visiting!