Fall 2010 Knitting Magazines

 While I was browsing through the new patterns added to Ravelry I noticed a hat.  It is a Fair Isle pattern done in different shades of blue with a touch of wine.  I’m not sure why this particular hat caught my eye, but I really like it.  I found out it was available in one of the new magazines out on the stand – Vogue’s Fall 2010 issue. I haven’t bought knitting magazines in years.  I used to subscribe to a few, but I found that they were mostly filled with ads and patterns that I wasn’t interested in, so I ended up not renewing my subscriptions.  I thought I would keep this hat and magazine in mind and the next time I was in Joann’s I’d take a look and see if the magazine was still available.

My next stop was to Joann’s for a big weekend sale.  I am busy making Christmas Gifts and I needed more yarn.  While I was walking up to the check out I noticed the magazine with the hat in it.  Then I noticed another magazine that had only accessories in it – Creative Knitting Fall 2010.  I ended up buying both magazines.  I’m not sure if I got my money’s worth, they sure have gone up in price! But, I did enjoy reading them and I found a couple of hats in the accessory one that I am considering making.


Hat Heads

While I was at the library picking up some mystery books I was drawn to this knitting book all about hats.  The author, Trond Anfinnsen, spent a year knitting hats for all of his friends.  Each hat was created with the receiver in mind.  I really enjoyed this book, his hats and the stories behind the hats.  If you are a beginner in knitting hats or in designing your own hats, he guides you through the process. 

I found a few hats I am thinking about making for my family in the book.  I love the swirl hats and the combination of colors he used.

Itty-Bitty Toys

Yesterday I wrote about the book Itty-Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson and I mentioned that I didn’t care to add the book to my personal library because I had already made a number of the items in the book and I didn’t feel it had enough new patterns to entice me.

Today, however, is different.  I am absolutely giddy about the book Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson.  This book has the same eye-catching cover with a spiral binding and it also features a section devoted to the basics as does her other book.  The difference lies in the content.  Devoting one book to stuffed toys that are so adorable hooked me. 

From blocks to puppets to stuffed animals to reversible toys and more.  I don’t have one favorite in this book – there are too many to choose from!  I love the hippo, monkey, lamb and little brown dog.  Then again, I love the reversible lion and elephant.  And the giraffe!  Oh, my.  The pictures are bright and colorful, very nicely presented.  The patterns are well written and easy to understand. 

I guess I’ll need to add this book to my wish list!  It is definitely one I want in my library!

Itty-Bitty Nursery

While reserving books from our library inter-loan system I came across two books by Susan B. Anderson and decided to look them over.  Itty-Bitty Nursery caught my eye because of its very eye-catching cover.  A good-looking cover sells books.  Another feature this book has and that all knitter’s and crocheter’s appreciate is a spiral binding.  Nothing is nicer than being able to open a book flat to read the pattern while you stitch.

Inside this book are more attractive photos and easy to read pages.  Many patterns in this book are easy enough for the very novice knitter.  Susan also includes a section on basic skills. 

One pattern that caught my eye, is the grumpy old bear.  A simple brown bear with a scarf.  The bear is pictured on the cover.  Very cute.  One any child would love him. 

Another pattern that was interesting, although I don’t think I would make, are the pacifier clips.  You could make a flower, frog or elephant clip to attach to your baby’s pacifier.  I’m not sure where you would buy the clips.  An interesting and cute idea.

The book has a couple of basic sweaters that you can find similar patterns elsewhere, a very cute cupcake hat that I’ve made many of and which I also found the pattern elsewhere and a very cute knit tea set with cup cakes. 

It was a cute book to look at, but not one I would add to my collection.

Handknit Holidays

While I was checking out books at the library I came across Melanie Falick’s Handknit Holidays, so I decided to add it to my pile.  I’m glad I did.  It has an interesting variety of patterns from scarves and gloves to beadwork, kids sweaters and more. 

I particularly like the Cardinal Joy Hoodie.  It is a childs hooded sweater with a front pouch pocket.  Very cute and could be for a boy or girl depending on the color of the yarn.  I’m not sure what the actual size is.  The pattern is for chest measurements from 25 to 32 inches. 

I also like the Holly Leg WarmersThey are shown in DK wool and done on size US 5 & 6 needles.  There is a simple fair isle chart.  I’m thinking what a great Christmas gift for my girls.

The River Forest Gansey sweater is beautiful.  The pattern is for both child and adult.  They show it on both a man and boy.  If I didn’t have so many men and boys to knit for, I would love to knit one up.  It uses a tree of life motif and basketweave stitch.  Just gorgeous!

The book has many fun patterns that I wouldn’t look twice at, but then again someone might like them.  Although it is a nice book for a couple of patterns, I am glad I was able to get it through the library.  It is not one I would add to my own collection of books.

Scarf Style

Now that I have figured out how to do entrelac knitting, I am ready to move to the next step, the step in-between knitting my ultimate entrelac challenge, the Forest Path Stole by Faina Letoutchaia.  That next step is knitting the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole by Kathleen Power Johnson.  I saw the pattern on Ravelry done in a multi color blend that was to die for.  The pattern is in Pam Allen’s Scarf Style book put out by Interweave Knits.  The book finally came in to our library through our interloan system.  You all know how much I love my library!  Anyway, now that I have the book I can plan my stole.  The stole is done on US size 10 1/2 needles using Aran weight yarn.  Only one problem, it takes about 10 skeins of yarn.  I am thinking about using Patons SWS, a wool blend – 70% wool, 30% soyabean.  There are a few different striping combinations that are quite striking. 

The book has a couple other patterns that caught my eye.  One was Ene’s Scarf by Nancy Bush.  It is made using 2 strands of lace weight yarn held together with US size 6 needles.  It looks a little more complicated than some of the other scarves, but it is really pretty. 

The other pattern that I liked is the Blizzard scarf/shawl by Leigh Radford.  This scarf/shawl is crocheted, not knit with a P hook and super bulky yarn.

Scarf Style has a variety of other patterns in it, from very easy to a little more complicated.  I’d say there is something for everyone to knit or crochet.

A Gathering of Lace

Meg Swansen’s book A Gathering of Lace  has a number of beautiful patterns in it that I would love to make.  She features a number of lace patterns. 

One lace pattern I am particularly fond of is the Feather & Fan ShawlIt is a circular shawl with a beautiful flower at the center of it.  The lace weight blue shawl pictured in her book was done on US size 5 needles.

Another circular shawl pattern in her book that I would love to make is the Rippling Rainbow.  The shawl pictured in the book was made with fingering weight yarn on US size 8 needles in orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black.  In the center of the shawl is an 8-point star/pin wheel. 

I am always looking for a cute summer sun hat and the Picture Hat her book is perfect.  It is recommended to use crochet cotton in size 5 or 10 on US size 3 needles.  This is a charted pattern.  I love the fact that blocking directions are also given.

There are many other patterns I am drawn to, many of them are shawls.  I would definitely add this book to my library.  I checked this book out from my local library interloan system.  It is also available on-line for purchase.