Time for Fall – Football • Apples • Cider • Donuts

I hope all of you had a nice long week-end.  I was able to go down to southern Illinois and visit with my daughter and her family.  She has seven children (a yours, mine and ours blend).  I got to watch my grandson play football and my granddaughter cheer.  They grow so fast.  The baby I made the sweater for is two already!  The weather was hot!  102 degrees+.  I don’t know how the kids can play football with all that gear on in that heat.  It was a nice visit, but never long enough. 

Can you believe, we get home and the next day we are in long pants with 60 degree weather.   We made the most of that by going to the apple orchard  and enjoyed delicious crisp apples, juicy pears, fresh cider and just made hot donuts.  Mmmm good. 

On the way down I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take to do.  As always, I took too much.  I carted down a couple of books (never got touched), some cotton yarn and a pair of knitting needles.  I made some new dishcloths which I gave to my daughter when we got there.  I made a few more on the way home for our kitchen.  I just wanted something mindless to do so that I could talk and relax in the car.  So that was my week-end.  I hope you enjoyed yours.  Kathryn


Everyday Dishcloths

As I mentioned before, I am in need of some new everyday dishcloths.  I was able to buy a 12 oz. skein of Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton from JoAnn’s a while ago.  The color is called Lotus Blossom.  The colors are white, teal and coral.  Very pretty.  Anyway, I made up a few of “Grandma’s Favorites” as it is a quick and easy pattern.  Now my kitchen will be fresh and new.

The other dishcloths are Christmas yarn I had on hand.  I thought I’d do some of those also while I was at it.

Bella’s Eclipse Hat

There are a few different patterns out there for this hat worn by Bella in the Twilight Eclipse Movie.  I decided on Nancy Fry’s pattern on Ravelry.  The pattern  is a available free as a Ravelry library download.  It is  a very easy and quick knit. 

I used size US 7 needles and cast on 84 stitches.  Both of my hats were made with Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn.  The first hat is in avocado and fisherman.  The 2nd hat is in oxford grey and fisherman.

It is a nice fitting, light weight hat that is cute and comfortable.  It would make a nice gift for any of your Twilight fans.

Norwegian Star & Cable Owls Hat

Last fall I was in the designing mood.  I wanted a hat that was both warm over the ears and stylish.  I came up with the Norwegian Star & Cable Owls Hat

For my first hat I used a 100% washable wool in a dark brown and Lion Brand Wool Ease in Blush Heather.  My 2nd hat was made using Patons Decor in Chocolate Taupe and New Teal, a 75% acrylic/25% wool yarn.  The hats were made on size US 5 needles using a provisional cast on of 96 stitches.  The finished hat measures 10″w x 8″h.

I’m really pleased with this hat.  It fits my criteria and is comfortable too.

Earflap Hats for the Guys

I thought I’d share more of my Christmas gift knitting with you today.  Last week I posted about the earflap hats I made for two of my granddaughters.  Today, I’d like to show you the earflap hats I made for some of my guys. 

For their hats I used the same formula I used for the girls hats, 7 -21 -28 – 21 -7, which is; 14 stitches in the back, 21 stitches over each ear, and 28 stitches in the front.  I used size US 8 needles and a variety of different worsted weight yarns.  To keep their hats from rolling up I knit the ears and 2″ above in garter stitch (knit every row), then I switched to stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row).  The patterns used in each individual hat were made up as I went.  I like to make each hat a little different from the last.  Decreasing started at 5″ every other round.  Each hat used from 1 3/4 oz. – 2 3/8 oz. total yarn.  I hope you find my notes helpful.  Happy Knitting!

Popcorn Fingerless Mitts

I enjoyed making the popcorn hats I shared with you the other day and I really wanted to make matching fingerless mitts. I thought the hat and mitts would make a nice gift set to give for Christmas.  After experimenting I came up with a pattern.  It took a bit to get the pattern and gauge to fit nicely, but I’m pleased with the end result and the most important thing is the girls loved them. 

I used size US size 7 needles and the same yarn as the hats.

Earflap ~ Chullo Hats

Earflap or Chullo hats are very popular right now.  Teens and young adults are wearing a variety of styles.  They are fun looking and practical too.  After experimenting last year using many different patterns written by very generous knitters I think I have the hang of what I am doing. 

The differences between patterns are mainly in the style of earflaps and the actual hat style, mixing and matching both.  Earflaps can be rounded or pointed, long or short.  The same with the hat style; some are pointed, others are rounded, and some are even boxy.  There is something out there for everyone.  That’s the fun of knitting.

For Christmas I made my granddaughters earflap hats. Using what I learned from making many different hats last year I now have my own earflap hat pattern. 

I used a worsted weight yarn on size US 8 needles. You need both dpn’s. and circular needles.

For the earflaps:  (Make 2).  CO 7.  Row 1:  Knit, increasing in 1st & last stitch.  Row 2: Purl.  Repeat these 2 rows until 21sts.

Hat:  7 – 21 – 28 – 21 – 7.   84 stitches total.  That is: 14 stitches in back, 28 stitches in front and 21 stitches over each ear.  Knit earflap onto circular needle, co 14 st., knit on 2nd earflap, co 28 sts.  Knit in round for about 5 1/2″.  Start decreasing.  84/6=14.  K12 – K2tog – PM around.  (6 decreases per round).  Decrease every other round.  You can either crochet an edge around or pick up stitches and knit edge.  For the hats shown I crocheted my edge with a contrasting color.  Add a pom-pom and braids to finish the look.  Pom Poms also look cute at the bottom of the braids.  For the braids I cut 18 – 40″ lengths (9 strands per braid).  13″ finished length.

The finished hats used 2 1/8 oz. yarn total with braids and pom-pom.  Finished measurements:  10″w x8″h.  

Hat #1:  Lion Brand Wool Ease – Fisherman, Avocado, Purple & Blush Heather.

Hat #2:  Lion Brand Wool Ease – Blush Heather.  Patons Decor – Chocolate Taupe & New Teal.

 Use any color combinations and patterns to change the look.  I know this is not a fully written pattern, only basic notes.  I hope you find them helpful.