A Deadly Vineyard Holiday

You know the popular saying from the movie “You had me from Hello”?  Well, that’s how I feel about this Martha’s Vineyard series I’m reading by Philip R. Craig.  Every book so far has had me from the first page.  I just can’t put them down! 

In this book, A Deadly Vineyard Holiday, J.W. meets the Presidents teenage daughter on the beach while fishing.  She is running away from her secret service agents because she just wants a normal holiday vacation like every other teenage girl, but that is a little hard when you are the daughter of the President of the USA.  It is even harder when it seems someone is out to harm her.  Fearing that the “someone” may be one of those assigned to protect the President and his family, a decision is made to have her stay with Jeff and Zee a few days. 

I’m sure you will enjoy this book as much as I did.  I’m off now to start the next book in the series, A Shoot on Martha’s Vineyard.  Happy reading!  Kathryn