Fall Appliqued Placemats

I finished my fall placemats and it’s still fall!  I wanted placemats that went with my wall hanging and table runner, but I also wanted them to be a little different.  The patterns are from all over.  The flowers and the squirrel are from the same book I used for the table runner, The Quilter’s Home Fall by Lois Krushina Fletcher.  I drew the pumpkins freehand and found the birds, cat and scarecrow online.  For the tree and leaves I used a design by Heather Hale.  I guess I just did a little of this and a little of that – just doin’ my own thing, as usual.   The finished placemats measure 15″ x 21″.  

I would love to start on a winter set; wall hanging, table runner, and placemats, but I’m not sure I will have time.  I’ve got to get busy on making my Christmas gifts.  Happy Sewing & Quilting.  Kathryn


Klepto Kitten

Missing:  1 sewing machine lint brush.

Accused:  1 adorable grey striped tabby kitten named Fiona

Why are you looking at Me?

Do not let her sweet face and charming nature fool you.  She is a convicted felon with a previous record.  This sweet baby has the nose of a blood hound and can sniff out anything.  She is sneeky and knows when it is safe to lift your property without getting caught.  She loves chapstick, lint brushes, sewing pincushion tomatoes with needles in them, and cough drops, she also loves to chew on cords.  Cell phone and computer cords are her favorite.

I forgot to shut the door to my sewing room.  Now I can’t find my lint brush.  No, I did not see her take it.  But, who else would have taken it?  It didn’t just get up and walk away on it’s own!  This is not the first time this has happened.  I have even tried to hide the brush under my scissors and other sewing items.  She digs it out and takes it.  Why that brush I don’t know.  It is funny, but frustrating at the same time.  This is a brand new brush!  I just replaced the old brush.  I know they are not expensive, but I just bought it!  I just want it back.