Death on a Vineyard Beach

My mind is saying “step away from the books”, but I’m having a very hard time putting down this Martha’s Vineyard series by Philip R. Craig.  In this book, Death on a Vineyard Beach, newlyweds Jeff and Zee sailed up to Boston on the Shirley J to enjoy a couple of days taking in a baseball game and a Concert. 

The couple were given the tickets to see the opera Carmen as a wedding gift.  It was on the way out of the matinée that changed their relaxing honeymoon.  Jeff prevents a murder of a mob boss who also lives on Martha’s Vineyard and is hired by the mob boss, Luciano Marcus, to find out who is trying to kill him.  Because Jeff and Zee saw the shooter and may be in danger themselves, Jeff takes the job.  Besides, the money is nice too. 

As with all of the books in this cozy mystery series, there are many twists and turns.  Another well-written, good book.  I’m off to read the next book, A Deadly Vineyard Holiday.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn