J.W. Jackson Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series

    Wow!  I can’t believe how fast I’m going through the books!  When you find a good author it is really hard to put the books down.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been reading The J.W. Jackson, Martha’s Vineyard series by Philip A. Craig

I like to read series books in order because I don’t want to miss anything.  This series can be read out-of-order and the books would still be great, but he does write them with references to previous experiences.  Each of his books are fresh and new with many of the same characters, but new and totally different problems. 

I’ve finished three more books in this series; #1o A Fatal Vineyard Season, #11 Vineyard Blues, & #12 Vineyard Shadows and I am almost finished with book #13 Vineyard Enigma.  Each of these books were just as good as the last.  To pick a favorite would be very hard.  I’m not going to give a synopsis of each of these books, because once you start reading this series you will be just as interested in reading the next book as I am.  I love these cozy mysteries.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn


A Shoot on Martha’s Vineyard

A Shoot on Martha’s Vineyard is book #9 in Philip R. Craig’s Martha’s Vineyard series.  In this book Hollywood comes to the island to shoot a movie.  Jeff is hired to show a film scout around the island.  While showing film scout, Mondry, around he has a physical run-in with Lawrence Ingalls who is a biologist for the State Department of Environment Protection.  Later Mondry is found dead on the beach next to his car and Jeff is the one to find the body.  Jeff is now the main suspect in Mondry’s murder.   So, along with taking care of his new son with his wife, Zee, and playing tour guide for Mondry, Jeff also ( against the police warnings) sets out to clear his name. 

If you haven’t read this series and love cozy mysteries as much as I do, add this author and series to your reading list.  It is one of the best series I’ve read.  Off now to start book #10,  A Fatal Vineyard Season.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn

A Deadly Vineyard Holiday

You know the popular saying from the movie “You had me from Hello”?  Well, that’s how I feel about this Martha’s Vineyard series I’m reading by Philip R. Craig.  Every book so far has had me from the first page.  I just can’t put them down! 

In this book, A Deadly Vineyard Holiday, J.W. meets the Presidents teenage daughter on the beach while fishing.  She is running away from her secret service agents because she just wants a normal holiday vacation like every other teenage girl, but that is a little hard when you are the daughter of the President of the USA.  It is even harder when it seems someone is out to harm her.  Fearing that the “someone” may be one of those assigned to protect the President and his family, a decision is made to have her stay with Jeff and Zee a few days. 

I’m sure you will enjoy this book as much as I did.  I’m off now to start the next book in the series, A Shoot on Martha’s Vineyard.  Happy reading!  Kathryn

Death on a Vineyard Beach

My mind is saying “step away from the books”, but I’m having a very hard time putting down this Martha’s Vineyard series by Philip R. Craig.  In this book, Death on a Vineyard Beach, newlyweds Jeff and Zee sailed up to Boston on the Shirley J to enjoy a couple of days taking in a baseball game and a Concert. 

The couple were given the tickets to see the opera Carmen as a wedding gift.  It was on the way out of the matinée that changed their relaxing honeymoon.  Jeff prevents a murder of a mob boss who also lives on Martha’s Vineyard and is hired by the mob boss, Luciano Marcus, to find out who is trying to kill him.  Because Jeff and Zee saw the shooter and may be in danger themselves, Jeff takes the job.  Besides, the money is nice too. 

As with all of the books in this cozy mystery series, there are many twists and turns.  Another well-written, good book.  I’m off to read the next book, A Deadly Vineyard Holiday.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn

A Case of Vineyard Poison

I just finished another of Philip R. Craig’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries.  This one, A Case of Vineyard Poison, takes place 3 weeks before Jeff and Zee’s wedding.  Have you ever wished money would just appear in your bank account?  Well, that’s what happened to Zee.  When they stopped at the ATM for Zee to get some cash she noticed that the balance on her receipt was much higher than it should be – 100 thousand higher!  With no banks open until Monday, she couldn’t acquire as to why – probably just a computer glitch is their thought.  By the end of the week-end the money was gone from her account.  Easy come, easy go.

Put the mysteriously appearing and disappearing money together with Jeff finding a young woman dead in his driveway and you have the makings of a great mystery.  Another very good cozy mystery by a very good author.  I am really enjoying this series.  Off to read the next book, Death on a Vineyard Beach.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn

Off Season

I’ve finished another book in Philip R. Craig’s Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series.  Book #5, Off Season, about J.W. Jackson, an ex-Boston cop, who lives on the island full-time fishing, cooking, and planning his wedding to nurse and girlfriend, Zee. It is fall and all of the “off-islanders” (tourists) have gone back to America (the mainland).  This should be a quiet, peaceful time on the island, but some people are making waves.  The animal rights activists are making life miserable for the deer hunters and the environmentalists are making it difficult for the land developers.

When an island resident is found dead in his home with an arrow in him, Jeff is asked to find the killer.  So many suspects, twists and turns make this an interesting and fun read.  Enjoy!  Happy Reading.  Kathryn

Vineyard Deceit

Vineyard Deceit is the 3rd book in the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series by Philip R. Craig.  The series is about J. W. Jackson, a retired police officer, who now is a full-time resident of Martha’s Vineyard. He spends most of his day fishing for whatever is biting, In this book Jeff is asked to take a temporary position on the local police force to be part of a security team when a middle eastern potentate and his entourage come to the island to reclaim an emerald necklace stolen from his nation a long time ago.

Thinking this will be an easy job where he can make a few quick bucks, he takes the job. He has his mind on a boat that he wants to purchase. Unfortunately, it turns out not to be such a laid back job after all.  His girlfriend, Zee, is kidnapped, the necklace is stolen and a man is found dead. Jeff goes into detective mode in search of girlfriend and the necklace. He is then hired by a man to find out who killed the man’s friend. Are these incidents all connected in some way or what?

I really enjoy this series.  As I have mentioned before, it is an interesting, quick read.  I don’t know “who done it” until the end, which is nice.  I hate it when the plot is so obvious.  The people in the book are real everyday people who you can relate to.  If you are looking for a good series that isn’t full of gory details, this is it.  Happy Reading.  Kathryn