Spring Basket Quilt Top

I am finally quilting my Spring Basket Quilt top!  I’ve had the top sewn, pieced and ready to sandwich since July, but I’ve just been busy doing other sewing.  I guess you could say I’ve been procrastinating.  I love sewing and creating, and I love quilting small projects.  It’s just the big ones overwhelm me.  I can see why some of us have many quilt tops done and ready to finish, but just don’t seem to get to them.  This is a gift, so I have to finish it.

This week-end I put 4 large tables together, that we borrowed for a fall get-together we recently had, in the garage.  It was a perfect fall day and being we just had the gathering, the garage was nice and clean.  We will have to have a get-together next time I want to sandwich a quilt.  Anyway, I enlisted the help of my family to finally get the quilt top sandwiched.  It is my first attempt at using spray glue to hold the layers together.  I am sold on this method!  It worked great. I used Warm & White cotton batting.  I made sure my layers were smooth and wrinkle free before I started to sew.  Now I am not getting picked with pins.  I think it may take me a while to get it finished, but I’ve got time.  Happy Quilting!  Kathryn

The quilt top is about 100″ x 130″ and is so heavy!  I wanted to do some fancy stitching, but I’m not sure I will be able to.  I love using my new machine (Janome Horizon 7700) for quilting.  The large throat space is so nice.


More Pink Spring Basket Quilt Blocks

Yesterday I shared the remainder of the purple quilt blocks I am making for my Spring Basket Quilt.  I now have all 60 of the purple blocks completed.  Today’s post is the remainder of the pink quilt blocks.  I have all 60 of these blocks finished also.  My next step will be to press and starch each block, square it up and add my border around each square.  It’s a slow process, but I think it is coming along nicely.

I’ve also been working on other projects.  I hope to share more with you next week.  This week-end is my DH and my 40th wedding anniversary.  It’s hard to believe it has been that long.  So, as you can guess, I’m not going to be doing much sewing.  I will be too busy enjoying time with my family.  Happy sewing!

More Purple Spring Basket Quilt Blocks

My Spring Basket Quilt Blocks are coming along nicely.  The more blocks I put together, the better I get at having them come out lined up and lookin’ good!  I don’t find myself having to rip as much – which is a big plus!  I give a lot of the credit to the wonderful 1/4″ foot with guide that came with my new machine.  If your machine didn’t come with one, I highly recommend you purchasing one.  These are the last of the purple blocks.  There are six of them total.  The middle block is a lot like the 2nd purple quilt block only darker.   I know the blocks consist of both batik and prints.  I’m not really sure why I did it that way, I just hope they look good together when I piece the quilt together.  I am excited to see how this quilt will look with the sashings and borders.  But first, I’ve got to finish the pink blocks.  Happy Sewing!

Spring Basket Quilt – 3rd Purple Block

I hope everyone had a nice week-end and Mother’s Day.  We had really nice weather here, which is always a plus.  Saturday I enjoyed a day of applique with others in a class given at my LQS, then dinner out with my DH. That is my kind of day!  

I want to take a minute to update you on my Spring Basket Quilt Block progress.  I am really coming along nicely.  This is the 3rd of the purple quilt blocks, of which I have all ten done.  I will be busy stitching up more blocks today.  Happy sewing!

Spring Basket Quilt – 2nd Purple Block

 I’m so behind in blogging!  I’m just having too much fun sewing.  I am diligently working on my Spring Basket Quilt.  I’ve finished ten blocks of each of the three pink blocks and the one purple block I already posted about.  I’ve also got all ten of today’s block finished.  This block is a muted purple batik print.  I sure hope that all the prints will complement each other in the quilt.

Sewing the blocks on my new Janome is wonderful!  I can’t believe the difference sewing on a good machine makes.  It is so smooth and runs so quietly.  The bells and whistles are nice too. I am getting more proficient in piecing these blocks.  The 1/4″ foot with guide is so nice.  I don’t know how I did without it before.  I also like the fact that I can change the plate from the standard oval hole to a small round hole.  If you are asking why I would want to switch the plate, the smaller hole keeps the tiny ends of my triangles from getting pinched in.  If you are looking for a new machine yourself, I highly recommend this one.  I love the 11″ arm – so much room!  If you have any questions about it, please ask.   Happy Sewing.

Pink Batik Spring Basket Quilt Block #2

Today I thought I’d share the 2nd of the Spring Basket Quilt Blocks I’ve been working on.  This is the other pink batik fabric I had in my stash that I thought would look nice in this quilt.  I’ve completed three of these blocks.  Again, I have photographed the block on the brown print that I will be using for the sashing so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

It is taking a while to cut out all of the little triangles and blocks.  I’ve started to do the next block in an asembly line fashion; cut out the pieces, sew the triangles together, and then iron all the pieces.  I think it should make stitching the block together go much quicker and easier being I won’t have to stop after stitching each triangle to press it.  Happy Sewing!

Spring Basket Quilt Progress

Spring Basket Quilt Progress – Thoughts, plans and the 1st pink block.

With 120 – 6″ quilt blocks to make I have got to have some sort of a goal or I will never get them all finished.  I want to spend my time enjoying the process, not feeling like it is work.  I don’t want to be thinking to myself  “only _____ many more to go”.  I sew best in the morning when my mind is fresh.  But then, that is when I like to get my housework done too.  I like the feeling of having what I need to get done finished and now I can spend the rest of my day “playing”.  How about you?

I have decided to make 10 blocks each of the purple and pink fabric I have chosen for this quilt and go from there.  I think I still need one more purple, but if I don’t find another purple I like, I still have enough of the other purples to make a few more blocks of them.

This is the first pink quilt block.  It is from a remnant of the batik I was able to snatch up a while ago and I didn’t have a clue what I would use it for.  I just love this material.  I think it works up nicely with the other fabric.  I took the photo with the brown print underneath that I will be using for the sashing so you could get an idea of what it will look like.  I’ve got 8 of these done.  I still need to cut more of this fabric for the last two blocks.  Happy Sewing and Creating!